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We offer waxing services for face, brows, and every part of the body! Featuring Satin Smooth and Starpil Wax.

Benefits of Waxing


 Waxing Saves Time

Whether you shave regularly or not, we all know that shaving isn’t exactly the most convenient process in any sort of respect, and can be really annoying to try and to pull off comfortably and conveniently.
Plus, if your goal is to have consistently smooth skin, everywhere, on the daily, shaving can be even more of a challenge.  Shaving is time-consuming! Plus, there’s nothing like wanting to wear something in particular or needing to shave in a rush, and having to rush through it and ending up with razor burn or cutting yourself.


Waxing Is Less Irritating Than Other Methods

In addition to its convenience and time saving qualities, waxing also can cause less irritation to the skin than other conventional hair removal methods. Additionally, because the waxing process isn’t done daily (or even weekly), your skin has a lot more time to heal from inflammation or initial irritation  from waxing, plus won’t have to heal itself from any small cuts or burns caused by shaving.


Waxing Can Lessen Hair Growth

On top of its ability to slow hair growth over time, waxing regularly can also actually thin out and lessen hair growth over time.


 Waxing Helps Fight Ingrown Hair Growth

One of people’s favorite features of waxing services is the lowered amount of ingrown hairs they experience in comparison to shaving. Instead of irritating and causing your delicate frequently-shaved areas to be further inflamed by shaving and the bacteria it causes, waxing is a hygienic process that removes hair at the root, which lessens the chance of getting in-growns, even with Brazilian waxes.


Waxing = No More Razor Burn

Razor burn, or the inflammation caused by the irritation of shaving, is uncomfortable at best and unsightly at worst for a lot of people. When you make the change from shaving to waxing, for example, not only do you not have to further irritate your hairless area every few days, but the area isn’t also then exposed to continual friction from tight clothes, sex, or other areas of your everyday life after shaving daily.


Waxing Eliminates Itchy Stubble

Regular shaving enthusiasts will know what the itchy feeling that comes with annoying stubble is. Plus, not only is stubble extremely itchy, but your skin can also feel pretty pretty itchy directly after the process itself.
With waxing, even when your hair grows back, it doesn’t grow back with the blunt and uncomfortable edge that comes with hair growth after shaving, but with finer edged hairs that don’t give you that uncomfortable stubble.



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