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Ideal for men who like to look and feel their best! The Gentleman’s Facial Treatment is designed to restore the external balance of men’s skin, improving appearance and elasticity.

Benefits of Gentleman’s Facial


Removes Dirt & Impurities

This treatment starts with a deep cleansing, followed by an exfoliating scrub and extractions. We use a highly-calibrated concoction of products that cleanse the skin’s pores, removing all the impurities and debris from deep within your skin.


Improves Brightness & Tightening

A creamy, nutrient-rich mask is applied that will improve the health and look of your skin. This mask, which is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and natural oils produced from plant extracts, significantly boosts skin hydration levels while giving your complexion a tightened and toned appearance.


Replenish & Soothe

To help replenish the skin, the facial concludes with a cool, soothing aloe mask used to balance and hydrate your skin, also helping alleviate shaving irritation.

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