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Lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic fibers designed to replicate an eyelash which are applied individually to your natural lashes. This process is done using a glue that is specifically designed to be used on lashes & will not cause damage or irritation to the natural lash. Lash extensions are available in Classic, Hybrid, & Volume sets which allow you to customize the fullness, style, & length of your lashes.

Benefits of Lash Extensions


Long Lasting

Lash extensions are the most permanent form of eyelash enhancement. As the eyelashes grow, the extensions remain locked in place. The only time lashes are shed is when the natural lash sheds, with the average person losing 2-5 lashes per day. Lash extensions need a refill every 2-3 weeks to remove & replace any outgrown lashes.



Lash extensions are available in a variety of curl styles, lengths, & fullness. For Hybrid & Volume sets, each fan is handmade by the lash artist meaning they’re completely customizable to your goals. If you’re unsure of what lashes best compliment your eye shape or lifestyle, we can make recommendations for you.


Minimal Aftercare

Lash extensions are an investment so you want to take care of them, but the care required is minimal. Wash the extensions with an approved lash cleanser 1-2 times a day, avoid oils around the eyes, comb the lashes periodically, & avoid picking, pulling, or twisting the lashes.


Enhance Your Features

Lash extensions are one of the few services that allow you to build up your lashes. If you have blonde, fine, or sparse lashes, a fuller set will allow you to give the illusion of a stronger lash line.

What Are the Types of Lash Extensions?


Classic lashes consist of one individual lash extension being placed on each natural lash in a 1:1 ratio. This is the most natural lash set & is preferred by those who want more of a “my lashes but better” look. This is not ideal for anyone with sparse eyelashes as this does not give any additional fullness to the lashes.


This is a combination of the Classic & Volume lashes. Every other lash receives the 1:1 individual lash, while the others are enhanced with a small fan, a handmade cluster of 4-7 lashes that are fanned out. This is the most popular style as it is the most flexible in terms of fullness, style, & design. This is suitable for any type of lashes.


This is the boldest & most full lash style. Each eyelash is adorned with a lash fan that can have anywhere from 5-10 lashes. These are still customizable, but not as much as a Hybrid set. This style is not suitable for those with weak or fragile natural lashes.

Mega Volume

Mega volume lashes are very similar to the traditional volume lashes we know. However, they have a minor difference that sets them apart when it comes to lash styles. That difference is how many lash extensions are being used to create the fan and the diameter of the extensions in the fan.

A set of traditional volume lashes uses .07 extensions to create a fan with up to 5 lash extensions. Mega volume sets use .05 and .03 lash extensions to create a fan with up to 16 lash extensions. With mega volume, you can apply up to 16 extensions on one natural lash. That is MEGA for sure.

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