I have been pleased with my results with Laser hair removal. I look forward to every visit!!



Several years ago I was tired of shaving, having ingrown hairs and getting rashes from shaving.  So, I came to Lébo and have been incredibly pleased with the laser hair removal treatment!  The staff is kind and helpful as well as the office being clean and beautiful.
Thank You Lébo!


Amy S.

Laser hair removal has been a God-send. Lébo has really helped boost my self-esteem in these areas.


Sandy H.

When I learned of laser hair removal I was a little leery…After having several treatments on my legs and now, not ever having to shave…oh my word, I am a full believer.  I couldn’t be happier with my results!!!
I would recommend anyone wanting to be free of razor burn, ingrown hair, or being frustrated with how fast hair grows back after shaving to have laser hair removal.
Thanks Lébo!



I was at the gym one day working out when I realized I had not shaved my under arm.  The embarrassment on that day made me call immediately to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal.
I never want to be caught with hairy under arms again and thanks to Lébo I won’t!  I was so happy with the results of my under arms I have started treatments on my legs!!!



Love, Love, Love laser hair removal!!! Hands down my favorite service at Lébo! Best money I ever spent!!!



I do not like hair anywhere on my body so I frequent Lébo Skin Care Center often.  Thanks to Lébo and laser hair removal I am hair free…very pleased!



I had laser hair removal done because I am a body builder.  I am happy with the results and wish I had learned of this treatment a long time ago…would have saved me a lot of time!!



Laser hair removal is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! If I could have done anything different I would have done it sooner! I had no idea how easy it would be and how reasonable! The expense of a good razor is ridiculous and the time it takes to shave is all over for me YAY!!!!I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve made people feel how soft my legs are, no more stubble or razor burn on my bikini line! I LOVE LASER HAIR REMOVAL!!!!!


D. Turner

For years I was plucking facial hair with tweezers and it was frustrating and even damaged my skin. Getting laser hair removal on my face was the most positive think I’ve ever done for my personal health. I always recommend Lébo Skin Care to my friends and family. It’s important you trust the people you go to for skin care issues. I can’t wait to get treatment for other areas as well. I don’t love my unwanted hair but I do love Lébo!!!