Breakthrough Technology to Revitalize Your Skin

Skin Revitalization with the PicoSure Laser provides breakthrough technology to revitalize your skin and remove unwanted pigment. PicoSure gently delivers short bursts of energy to target and eliminate the pigment without causing harm to the surrounding skin. This innovative technology makes skin visibly clearer, with fewer treatments, and no downtime! This is only available at the York location.

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“About 3 years ago I started noticing some brown patches on my face. I thought it was sun damage but later found out it is called melasma. It was so noticeable above my upper lip I started to avoid looking in the mirror … to me it looked like I had a mustache and I hated it. Now after having 3 treatments of skin revitalization, when I look in the mirror all I see is even skin tone … no more brown!!!! I am so happy with the result and feel more confident about my appearance.” -Cheryl P. 

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Before Freckles

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After Freckles