After having three children, I was left with a muffin top and loose skin. Clothes never looked right and the thought of putting on a swimsuit was my worst nightmare. I am so glad I came into Lébo Skin Care Center. After having  6 treatments of Velashape my stomach has transformed! I feel so much better about my body. My skin is tighter and my stomach is much flatter!

Jesse L.

I have always hated the cellulite on my legs since I was about 18 years old. I am now almost 40 and for the first time in my life, I can finally feel confident in my swimsuit. I love the Velashape and what it has done for me. My legs are smoother and sexier. Thank you Lébo Skin Care Center!

Carrie B.

I started working out about a year ago and the one part of my body that I’ve struggled to tighten up are my arms. I learned that Velashape could be a great option for my tightening the skin under my arms and after 6 treatments all I can say is how happy I am. I love my arms so much I wish I could wear tank tops all year long!!!

Cheryl P.

I’ve always been conscious about wearing shorts or a bathing suit because of the cellulite on my legs/butt. After 6 treatments I can’t believe the difference I’ve seen. I look forward to swimsuit season now and my legs are so smooth. Probably the best boost of confidence I could get…I love it!

Tarah S.

I had a total of 6 sessions and lost 4″ off each thigh. I decided to have the Velashape treatment because I was always so conscious of the cellulite on my legs. I never felt comfortable wearing shorts or a swimsuit… For the first time this summer, I couldn’t wait to get my shorts out and hit the pool. The results I’ve seen have helped me stay focused on continuing a healthy diet and exercising regularly!

Julianne T.