My interaction with the people at Lébo, including secretaries, laser techs and medical esthetician Hillary, are wonderful.  They always smile and make me feel comfortable and welcome.  Each is professional and accommodating.  Hillary removed one of my tattoos and is currently removing another.  Tattoo laser removal is painful; however Hillary efficiently and speedily completes the necessary task.


Polly Stein

I came to Lébo looking for a solution to remove my tattoo and I found one!!!  The staff is courteous, caring and above all professional.  I felt very comfortable with trusting my procedures would be performed with precision and the utmost of care.  I would (and have) recommended anyone who is looking to remove the “permanent” ink from their skin.  I would look no further; you are at the right place!!


Leah S.

You could say I’m addicted to getting tattoos. I guess that is true to a point… With always wanting something new or adding to an existing tattoo, I needed to have some removed.  After meeting Hillary through my tattoo artist, I have now been able to get several tattoos removed at Lébo Skin Care Center in order to get additional tattoos.
Thanks Hillary and Lébo…you guys are great!


Matt S.

I’ve been having tattoo removal with Hillary for the last year and I am so pleased! I have a tattoo on my lower middle back that I haven’t found appealing for years and was so pleased when I heard I was able to permanently get rid of it! I can get in a low cut dress or bathing suit now and not have to worry about being embarrassed.  Tattoo removal has really helped me to feel confident and care free!


Morgan A.

My decision to have my tattoo removed was a big one for me and the reasons being many.  In my 30’s I decided that a tattoo in the middle of my chest was a brilliant idea never realizing how I would feel about this 10 years later.  The color of the tattoo that once meant the world to me was now faded and I also had a little toddler running around who I did not want to be stigmatized as having a wild mom.  It took a year of coming to terms the removal and shopping around for prices.  I was scared and emotional about the entire process and then I found Lébo Skin Care.
My first day there I met Hillary and the Lébo entourage who always welcome you with a sincere smile and warm hello.  From the start I did not feel any sense of pressure to have the removal.  Hillary was honest with me about the amount of pain that comes with the removal and offered an alternative for numbing that allows me to actually with stand the process.  Above all Hillary offered a safe space to talk about and discuss life events and choices behind the tattoo.  For the first time in years I did not feel as self-conscious about my tattoo.  That it was simply something that could be removed.
I know that choosing Lébo Skin Care was a great one and have no regrets about a single experience there.  My tattoo has in fact faded drastically over the year and every 2 months I go in for another treatment and get to see Hillary with her big smile which just allows you to relax during the procedure.
The price of the removal is something that even I can afford as a single mom and that I will be able to afford the entire process.  My greatest lesson in this experience and it is directly due to the Lébo Staff, is that this mark on my skin that I have regretted and allowed to define me at time is nothing by simply a tattoo that is fading and life will go one day without it even being there…and is has.


Kathryn L.

I could never thank Hillary enough for introducing me to tattoo removal.  One of the hardest things after my divorce had to be seeing the tattoo of my wife’s name on my arm.  Once the tattoo had been removed I was able to move forward and start a new journey.  Although tattoo removal is not the most fun thing, as there is some pain associated with the treatment…it is the best thing I have ever invested money in.  I would highly recommend Lébo Skin Care Center to anyone that is considering having a tattoo removed.


C. Peters

My partner found an advertisement for Lébo in the newspaper and I came seeking not only tattoo removal but also emotional healing. In 1997 my former therapist got me drunk on beer and high on morphine and then had a tattoo placed on my body.  For years it was a reminder of a painful, abusive time in my life.  The therapist lost her license but I lost something too – trust in myself.  Hillary was one of the people who helped me to get that trust back.  I will always be grateful to Hillary and Lébo for the gift they have given me.


Jennifer P.

I’ve had a lot of lasering done by Hillary and it the best I’ve ever seen! The staff at Lébo are amazing also! Super cool people! I love going in for removal! All around great experience! High-five Lébo!


Scott Junkins

I have been a collector of tattoos for 15 years, as well as a tattoo artist for 13 years. For the past couple of years I have sought out the service of tattoo removal. Initially, I traveled to many cities unaware that I could have found this service locally. I was introduced to Hillary at Lébo Skin Care Center by a good friend. I will say that I was skeptical. My experience working in the tattoo industry has shown me others’ attempts that have left people severely scarred. I trusted my friend’s opinion and made an appointment. I have been seen at Lébo for around 18 months and can say that I will not go anywhere else. Hillary was patient with my concerns and hesitations as well as extremely informative. My personal experience at Lébo has been one of ease and comfort. My professional experience has also benefited. I now have a place to refer clients who are trying to cover up a tattoo and could gain from this procedure before doing so. Thank You Hillary and Lébo Skin Care Center!


Owner, Built to Last Tattooing
York, PA

James (Sevil) Rossell

I was trying to get back into the military and the first thing I needed to do was get the tattoo on my arm removed. I came in and after 4 treatments the tattoo was gone. The process is a little painful but thankfully only lasts about a minute or so. The end result is definitely well worth the discomfort. I’m very happy with my results and since then have joined the military … thanks Lébo!


Josh S.