I am completely amazed and excited that after 2 treatments my sun spot is gone.  It wasn’t painful or disfiguring.  I would recommend IPL for sun spots after seeing my own results!


D. Wampler

My experience at Lébo was an exceptional one.  Dana was very knowledgeable and listened to all of my concerns.  I was very pleased with the outcome of my procedure.  The photorejuvenation procedure decreased my redness on my face to the point I need almost no make-up. I would never hesitate to have more procedures done or refer my friends and family to Lébo.


G. Miller

I was very pleased with my procedure and the outcome.  The photorejuvenation laser has helped the appearance of the redness I had on my face.   I don’t need to wear much make-up anymore and I don’t feel embarrassed anymore.  It was actually liberating. Also I was treated very well and was informed completely.  It was an extremely positive experience.  I thoroughly recommend Lébo Skin Care Center.


T. McClain

IPL was my 1st procedure and ONLY to remove broken blood vessels.  Worked wonderful and no follow-up needed.  Also having laser hair removal and so far so good!  Dana is so very helpful with all my questions on my service and on all products.


L. Anderson

Dana does an excellent job. She takes her time to diligently treat every area of my face.



Dana treated me for brown spots and broken blood vessels on my checks.  I am so satisfied with just one treatment!


K. Miller

Have used the IPL for rosacea, has helped my condition greatly.  Also all the products Dana has recommended to me have helped me too.



One treatment of IPL—VERY HAPPY!!!  Thanks to Dana!!



I am a 34 year old woman who has suffered with rosacea for about 19 years now.  Tired of trying to
cover it with makeup so I wouldn’t be embarrassed anymore, I decided to get the IPL laser procedure
(photorejuvenation) done.  The Lébo girls were very professional and caring while doing the procedure;
making sure my pain was minimal.
After the procedure, I would say my rosacea has decreased by about
85-90%.  I will probably need another treatment as was explained during my consult and would not
hesitate to have it done again.  I am so happy with my results!!! Thank you Lébo!!


Ginger Miller

I have been coming to Lébo and Heather since they opened, and I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin. The chemical peels I started with were mild; we gradually progressed to the stronger ones as my skin could tolerate them.
Because I abused my skin when I was younger with the sun and sun lamps I had a lot of broken blood vessels and veins. Lébo recommended Photo Rejuvenation for me. Remarkably, the veins go away with occasional touch-ups.
My skin has been remarkably clearer after my treatments. I have learned to take much better care of my skin with the daily use of sunscreen. I don’t go out of the house without it! My skin is so much better and I feel much more confident having clearer skin. It also makes me look a lot younger.
All thanks to Lébo Skin Care Center and Heather!


Vicki S.