“Very thorough explaining the products and procedures.”

Tonya Feathers

Micro-Needling is great for treating those fine lines and wrinkles. After having six treatments I feel like my face is glowing and my overall tone and texture is more even. I tell everyone about it and the best thing is there’s no downtime!!!!!


Cindy H.

As a kid/teen I had really bad acne and I was never good about leaving it alone. It bothered me so I picked at it to try and make it go away … unfortunately the down side to picking at acne is it leaves scars. The Micro-Needling treatment has helped tremendously with softening my scars, they are barely noticeable. Great treatment — Great results!!!


Shannon S.

I’m one of those girls who doesn’t like to wear short sleeves because you can see my stretch marks on my arms. After having the Micro-Needling treatment not only do I wear short sleeves, I feel confident enough to wear tank tops! I love the results and would recommend the treatment to anyone with stretch marks!!!


Missy W.