My legs have never looked better. I am so so glad that I got this done. The veins used to bother me so much and I was so self-conscious of them and would avoid wearing short skirts in summer and if I did I would be so paranoid everyone was staring and would avoid standing behind people. I would recommend this treatment to anybody suffering the same.

Jasmine L.

I had a cluster of spider veins on the back of my legs for years. Everyone thought it was a bruise. After I had 2 treatments with Stacey, it is gone! I am so excited! Thanks, Lébo and Stacey!

Sherry S.

I genetically get bad leg veins from my mom and my grandma. I have always hated to wear shorts. Now that I had my leg veins treated by Nicole, I love my legs! Nicole was always so friendly and very professional. Thanks, Nicole, for making me feel better about myself!

Gina K.

The experience at Lébo was very positive.  The leg vein therapy treatment was quick and painless.  Nicole and all the staff are great.  Interaction was pleasant.  I was very pleased w/ my experience treatment.