With red hair and a very fair complexion, the older I get the more my lashes seem to blend with my skin. In April I began using Latisse in hopes of lengthening and thickening my eye lashes. Completing my initial 12 weeks in August, I am amazed how long and beautifully full my lashes have become!

Latisse is definitely genuine in its description of results and could not be easier to use. Once applied at bedtime each evening, results began appearing very quickly.

I am beyond happy with the transformation and cannot say enough about the awesome staff at Lébo!

Kitty Lin Heidlebaugh

I’ve used Latisse for 16 weeks and my lashes are longer, thicker and darker.  I am satisfied with the results and will continue to use Latisse.  Now when I look in the mirror I can see I have lashes instead of faint, thin, lashes that I had before I started Latisse.



Latisse is a wonder product for producing longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes as promised! I have had no side effects and love that this product enhances my own lashes vs. getting extremely expensive eyelash extensions that cost a small fortune and require regular maintenance appointments.


Casey Long

I have been using Latisse for about a year now and it is THE BEST thing I have ever done (and the easiest)!!  I always get compliments on how pretty my eyelashes are!  They have grown so long and are thicker than ever – it’s also great because I don’t have to put mascara on all of the time!
Thank you!


Judy R.

Latisse has worked wonders for my aging eyelashes!  When I was younger, I had very thick and long lashes but as I aged they became very sparse.  Latisse has helped bring back my youthful fullness to my lashes and I love it!


C. Trout

I really enjoy the results that I get from Latisse.  If I don’t want to wear mascara I don’t have to, as my lashes are long and dark without it. When I do wear mascara, my lashes are much more dramatic.  I LOVE Latisse !!!!!!  It is so easy to use!!!!!!


Shannon Freely

All of the staff at Lébo have been wonderful!  My initial consult was scheduled very quickly and everyone is so professional.  I’m having great results with Latisse and have already scheduled a few other procedures.


Cindy Kingsbury

During my 40’s, I noticed my eyelashes were thinning and becoming brittle and very short.  After
consulting with a Provider at Lébo and learning the true facts about Latisse and its safety, I immediately began using it.  As early as 3 weeks, I was noticing longer lashes when I applied mascara.  As early as 5 weeks, I was noticing longer lashes without mascara.
By 12 weeks my lashes are now VERY full, VERY long, and uniform.  (I even sneak a little on my eyebrows!).  I’ve now been using Latisse for over 2 years; will turn 50 in December, with the thickest, longest lashes of my life!!!  I supplement my long lashes with black lash tint at Lébo!!