Nearly everyone has areas of unwanted fat, like saddlebags, a muffin top or a double chin, that just won’t go away. These areas of stubborn fat are difficult to eliminate no matter how much you diet and exercise. SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction is a revolutionary method that can help you get rid of these difficult areas. It is a method for removing unwanted fat and inches from areas such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms and chin in order to improve body shape. While it is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, it can make you look and feel better, typically in just one treatment.

What is SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction?

Smartlipo® Laser Liposuction is the most advanced laser-assisted liposuction fat removal system available. It is a minimally invasive procedure which requires only local anesthesia and can be performed in our office.  SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction is designed to contour your body by combining advanced laser technology with liposuction to sculpt the body. It has been approved by the FDA since 2008 to be used for fat dissolution. With weight loss, the fat cells in your body only shrink – they do not disappear. With SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction, the laser actually destroys the fat cells, which are then removed from the body through liposuction to produce a much more pleasing silhouette.

How does it work?

It is a 3-step procedure that is safe and minimally invasive. It does not require general anesthesia and is performed right here in our office. The whole procedure is performed with small tubes called cannulas, which are inserted under the skin through tiny incisions. These incisions are so small that they do not require any stitches and usually heal without any scarring. The first step is infiltration of the local anesthetic solution under the skin to numb the fat of the area to be treated. The second step is introduction of a small one-millimeter cannula that contains the laser fiber to destroy the fat cells and treat the skin. This stimulates collagen and elastin production which produces tightening of the skin. In the final step the destroyed fat cells are removed with gentle suctioning.

How does it compare to traditional liposuction?

SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction has numerous advantages over traditional liposuction. The main advantage is that SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction adds a “skin tightening” element to the liposuction procedure. By treating the skin it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which both improves the quality of your skin as well as helps tighten it 57% more than liposuction alone. This works especially well for the neck, arms and abdomen, often avoiding the need for more invasive procedures like a neck-lift, brachioplasty (arm-lift) or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), procedures that have significantly more side effects, expense, and a long recovery. The laser also prepares the fat before liposuction, allowing for the use of smaller liposuction cannulas which provides smoother results and a much gentler procedure than traditional liposuction. Most patients are so comfortable that they fall asleep during the procedure. There is also less downtime and side-effects than traditional liposuction. Because of the laser energy, small blood vessels will be sealed off resulting in less bleeding, bruising and swelling which leads to faster recovery. Our patients feel good immediately after their liposuction, and usually have very little post-operative pain and are able to return to work in 2-3 days.

What are the results?

Most patients see 60-80% reduction in size of the treated area. Shortly after a SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction procedure, the treated area will appear smaller, compact, and tighter. Within four weeks, the treated area will begin to adjust to the body’s new shape and contour. Skin tightening is a gradual process and will continue over the course of a few months. Optimal results are typically seen two to six months after treatment, varying due to each patient’s skin laxity before the procedure.

Are the results permanent?

Your new contour will remain permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you gain weight after your Smartlipo® Laser Liposuction surgery, the weight will distribute itself evenly throughout your body and will not settle in the same problem areas. The first few weeks after the procedure your metabolism will be elevated because your body is healing. Patients who take full advantage of this period by modifying their diet and exercise program will have the greatest results. To help you achieve your best results we have partnered with a registered dietician and personal trainers who can assist you to make these adjustments.

Who are good candidates?

The best candidates for Smartlipo® Laser Liposuction are healthy individuals who have localized excess areas of fat such as in the lower abdomen, saddlebags, neck, etc. Even patients who have moderate amounts of sagging skin can benefit from SmartLipo®, because of the impressive amount of skin tightening. Patients who are significantly overweight usually do not benefit from this procedure. The ideal patient is within 10-25 pounds of their ideal body weight and committed to exercise and proper eating.

How much does it cost?

While there is no such thing as cheap liposuction, SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction is more affordable because it is done in our office, eliminating the risks and cost of hospital procedures and general anesthesia. Because it tightens skin, it is a great alternative to more invasive procedures like a neck-lift, brachioplasty (arm-lift) or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), that have significantly more side effects, expense, and longer recovery. The price ranges from $2000 to $7000, for 1 or more areas depending on the area, amount of fat and degree of skin laxity. Please call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation to get a personal quote. SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, and it is not covered by insurance, however, we offer financing options at Lebo Skin Care Center.

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This is only available at the York location.

“It’s been almost 5 months since I had my Smart Lipo procedure and I am THRILLED with the results!!! I had a large pocket of skin that hung over my C-Section, and subsequently I have always watched what I ate, but nothing mattered when it came to this area on my body. Having 2 pregnancies and 2 C-sections, my body just wasn’t the same. Since Smart Lipo my stomach has DRAMATICALLY changed. Not only is my stomach flatter but my skin is tighter and my stretch marks much less noticeable. For the first time in a long time I am not self-conscious of my stomach.” – Sharon