“I was concerned that my mouth was getting very droopy, a lot of wrinkles on side of mouth that I just was tired of seeing. As far as treatment, it’s interesting to start but I hope but I hope it’s working. Only 2 weeks. It does seem to be making wrinkles softer. Can’t wait to see after a month.”

Rosanne Hotaling

“Years of tanning left permanent damage on my face and left me feeling very self conscious about my appearance. Almost immediately after starting the ZO treatment I noticed the spots lightening. Now, about 3 months later, most of the spots have completely disappeared, and those that are left are barely noticeable. Overall my skin looks amazing!

Teri Sheffer

“The ZO products are amazing. It has been a total turn around for sun damage and lines around my eyes, between my eyes and forehead. I am incredibly thankful for Stacey, she is a professional in every sense and made a huge difference in a very short amount of time.”

Casey Flanscha

“I routinely meet with Stacey for a light Botox treatment and I expressed my concern about the pigmentation on my face. I drive a lot with my job and there is sun damage on my left cheek. Instead of laser treatments, she recommended the ZO Skin Health line. Never before had I used a ‘medical’ grade product line but I couldn’t be more pleased! Within days the brown spots started flaking away, the redness has faded noticeably and my overall skin tone is lighter and brighter. I couldn’t be happier!

Kristine Horn

“I’ve had melasma on my forehead for at least 2 years. Nothing covered it up or made it go away. Every treatment professional I saw said nothing could be done and to just stay out of the sun. Finally I found Stacey and she said we could definitely get rid of it! She recommended Zein Obagi products and within 30 days my melasma had greatly reduced. It’s not a quick fix but it’s definitely working! I’m not afraid to go makeup free anymore. Thanks Stacey!

Stacia Craley

“I had dark spots in these areas (forehead, upper lip) and I felt so self-conscious. It definitely lowered my self esteem. I came to Lébo looking for a miracle and I found it with these products. It did take patience and it was more costly than what I intended to spend, but it was absolutely worth every penny. I now feel more confident with glowing and satisfied skin. Thank you!”

Jennifer Harris

“I had extremely annoying dark areas on my face from the early years of tanning and being outdoors without sunscreen. I have used the recommended products for 6 months and the dark areas have lightened to my skin tone. The evenness of my skin is amazing and I can go without makeup without feeling self conscious!”

Casey Flanscha