Dana recommended the VI Peel for me-I was so thrilled at the results, especially after my husband commented on how “fresh” my skin looked.  This will be something I will treat myself to again in the future!



The VI-Peel I had was awesome. My experience with the peel was the best result I ever had. While the peeling process took about 5 days, the end result left my skin so smooth. It looked so good that when I attended a party with no makeup, I noticed some ladies whispering and looking my way.

When they saw I was uncomfortable, they commented, “We were just saying how beautiful your skin looks, it is so smooth and baby like.” I told them about the VI-Peel and they said they were scheduling an appointment at Lébo!


Rose D.

I’ve had a great experience here at Lébo Skin Care Center.  I have several areas of sun damage and have noticed great improvement with the treatments I have received, which would be the Vi Peel and regular chemical peels.



My favorite service Lébo offers is the VI Peel – It’s ADDICTIVE!! and AMAZING!!  The difference I’ve seen from the peel is smoother, firmer skin and smaller, less visible pore size.  It is definitely “worth it”.
The staff is warm, supportive and always friendly; always ready to help answer questions and give expert advice.


Rhonda M.

I had a VI Peel from Lébo Skin Care Center.  My experience was extremely pleasant and the results are amazing.  When I tell people my age they are surprised.  The peel not only makes you look good, you also feel great!
I would recommend the VI Peel!!


Darcelle W.