My experience with the smart lipo procedure was overall a positive one. I had my stomach area done. After having two children back to back I was unable to achieve with my usual workout routine a flatter stomach as I had pre-baby.

I really loved how quickly the procedure was done as well as the after care. After one day I was walking around with little to no pain. I wore the undergarment under my clothes and it was comfortable and it didn’t bother my daily routine at all.

After two weeks I was back to the gym and enjoying the results already! I noticed that my clothes were fitting much better and I felt real happy with the choice I made to have this procedure done.

I would HIGHLY recommend this type of procedure to anyone who feels that they need a little “fixing” in some areas and has not had any luck losing those extra pounds.


I didn’t experience any pain, just a little discomfort at times. The recovery was quick, only missing one day of work. My chest and abs felt sore as if I did a strenuous workout at the gym. The results have motivated me to get back into the gym and start working out just 3 weeks after the procedure.

I would recommend this procedure, and more importantly, without reservation.


It’s been almost 5 months since I had my Smart Lipo procedure and I am THRILLED with the results!!! I had a large pocket of skin that hung over my C-Section, and subsequently I have always watched what I ate, but nothing mattered when it came to this area on my body. Having 2 pregnancies and 2 C-sections, my body just wasn’t the same.

Since Smart Lipo my stomach has DRAMATICALLY changed. Not only is my stomach flatter but my skin is tighter and my stretch marks much less noticeable. For the first time in a long time I am not self-conscious of my stomach.


My reasoning for having this procedure was that I’ve always had larger arms, I’ve lost 90 lbs and after exercising 5-6 days per week for 5-6 years I was unable to change the appearance of my arms. I have a great amount of muscle, but could not get rid of the fat covering the muscle.

I am already satisfied with the improvement, but am looking forward to improving over the next few months. I am now looking at having smart lipo to my anterior thigh, knees, and lateral thigh. I hope it goes as well as the first procedure.


I had the lower abdomen, right and left flank (love handles) treated. The procedure itself was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Other than the occasional pinch there was no pain, no bruising, and no bleeding. Recovery was almost as easy; I did experience swelling, however, this was minimized with the usage of the compression belt. Had the procedure done on a Saturday morning and was back to work that Monday after.
End result; I am, have, and would recommend this procedure; I would do it again in a heartbeat.


It has been exactly 8 weeks since my Smartlipo procedure and I have to say I am SO THRILLED AND AMAZED with the results. The procedure accomplished everything and more than what I expected. I find it amazing that in a few short hours, my body was able to look the way I couldn’t achieve after years of fitness and diet regimes.