“I have sun damage and expression lines, as I am a big smiler, and didn’t protect my skin when younger. Thanks to Stacey’s skill and advice, my skin is improving and I am getting compliments such as “You have beautiful skin”, or “You look rested.” I am elated and plan to continue , following her advice on a treatment plan.

Sydney Brent

“I decided to have the treatment because my skin just looked ‘tired’ and I also wanted to treat sun spots on my face. Stacey suggested this treatment in addition to skin care products. The Microdermabrasion instantly made my skin look and feel refreshed! I will definitely continue with this procedure! Thanks to Stacey!

Jolyn Brickner

“Very thorough explaining the products and procedures.”

Tonya Feathers

“The professionals are courteous, caring and meet every need. There was no bruising. People say I look ten years younger, thanks to you! The hours after work are especially important to a busy work schedule.”

Jolene Dravk

I love the retin-a pads that Dana recommended for me, they work great!  They make my skin look brighter and fresher instantly.  They also helped with my acne.  Thanks Dana!



I brought my 15 year old in to see Dana after previous efforts had failed to treat a small cherry spot on her face.  During her consultation we discussed some blemishes that were causing her a lot of teenage anxiety.
Dana recommended two products, very affordable products, which dramatically improved the acne!  I can’t believe how fast the products worked!  She is so happy and of course, as her mother, I am thrilled for her.  I whole heartedly recommend a consultation at Lébo Skin Care Center!
You have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially, a lot to gain!!



I was recommended to Lébo by a client who was very happy with her results, so, I thought I’d give it a shot.  After meeting with Morgan, I started using the total skin care regimen she recommended.  My skin looks great and I’ve been getting compliments from many people.  Morgan’s knowledge combined with high quality skin care has given me fabulous results!  I’m confident that I’m in good hands at Lébo!
Thank you!



During my initial consultation with Morgan I knew immediately that I had met a skin care professional I could trust.  I was impressed by her level of professionalism, the time she spent really listening, and her
personal desire to share her knowledge about skin care with me.
I told her I would commit to regular  treatments and the recommended products for six months and then evaluate how effective they were for me.  The improvements in my skin were remarkable and the results were evident right away.  I began receiving compliments on what beautiful skin I had.
The regular peels have repaired sun damage, reduced signs of aging, and have even aided in eliminating prescription medicines previously used to control breakouts.  Morgan is a very talented esthetician who has always recommended what is in my best interest.  Her conviction and dedication shine through in her enthusiasm.



Lébo is where I go for all my skin care needs.  From the quality products that give results to the treatments that help me feel and look my personal best.  The staff at Lébo is knowledgeable and friendly.  I trust that I am getting the care I need within my budget.  I receive compliments about my skin and know it is due to the skin care regimen I have been on for the last several years.
Thank you Lébo!



With an Irish heritage mixed with Native American, my skin is naturally on the ruddy side.  Mix that with too much sun in years past, I really needed some expert help.
Lébo’s products and services came to the rescue.  My favorite products are the green teas and vitamins C.  I’ve noticed less redness and brown spots, plus the texture has improved.


Rhonda M.