Awesome!  Very professional and thorough with explaining expectations…Excellent Results!  I am very pleased!  Thank you so much Lébo!



I want to thank Lébo Skin Care Center for changing my life. As dramatic as that sounds, it is probably an understatement. I avoided mirrors as much as I could because what it reflected wasn’t what I wanted to see. It made me sad and I had given up and decided that my “pretty” days were over and it was time to accept it. And then, one magical day – I learned of the Lébo Skin Care Center. They looked at my face and saw what it was and what could be again. They would accept no less. The staff at Lébo have a wonderful blend of artistic, skill, technical know-how and compassion. They are masters in their field. Before Lébo Skin Care Center, I didn’t think I would ever smile into a mirror again…and now, I catch myself doing it all the time! What you have given me back spills over in my life. I am a happier person, I take better care of myself and enjoy life more. Vanity truly is the ultimate of self-respect, and I deserve it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am a client for life!


I cannot thank Lébo Skin Care Center enough as they helped me prepare for my class reunion! I had lost a lot of weight in the past months and it really showed in my face. I even brought a friend so I could show her how much I love the Lébo!
After visiting with Lébo, I had a makeover. I feel great and cannot thank you all enough for the great experiences that I have at each visit.


Sarah L.

I love the way my skin looks! I had sun damage, sun spots and intermittent hormonal acne. Thanks to Lébo Skin Care Center, my skin is clear and smooth. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable; it is a joy to come here!


JoAnn C.

Having been a client at Lébo Skin Care Center since the beginning, I can truly attest that this is a “center of excellence.”  Hillary and Heather have devoted themselves to ensure that exceptional service is the key priority and the services that are offered are state of art, and truly beneficial to their clients.
Their understanding of each client as an individual enhances the ability to provide the client with an outstanding experience with outstanding results.
I, personally, am often complimented on the quality of my skin – which I truly attribute to Lébo and their product line.
Thank you for 10 plus years of outstanding service!


Marci R.

Lébo has been my saving grace over the years.  The staff is always working hard to help you help yourself.  The best part – Lébo treats you like family and cares about your services.  Hey, as long as I can get compliments like “you do not look …”!! – I’ll take it any price!
Thanks to Lébo for being top notch!!


Betty Ann

I was with my husband out to eat at a local club here in York, PA when another person patron looked at him as we were entering and stated, “Is this your daughter” and the look on my husband’s face was enough to smile inside. Then later I said to him, “Lébo has this effect on people.”


I was having lunch in Washington, D.C. with my daughter back in 2006 when another customer had referred to us as sisters.  For me, at first, I thought how grown up she has become, until I saw her reaction.
What?  She is my mom!!!
That’s Lébo Skin Care I said to my daughter.  I then sang Lébo a capella style all the way home.


Violet P.

Lébo is such a positive place to come in and have treatments done.  Everyone is so kind and positive. The staff really knows their craft and are very talented at what they do every day.  I highly recommend services at Lébo to anyone in need of freshening up!


Natalie G.

I have been coming to Lébo for a couple of years and have only had wonderful experiences with all my procedures.  From the front desk always being warm and friendly to the estheticians continuously listening to your wants and needs and always fulfilling your expectations 100%!!
Lébo is like my second family!!


Christine H.