Stacey was very gentle and made me look younger is a very natural way.


I was more than satisfied with my results I received with my treatment of Cool Sculpting! For the most part, I eat a healthy diet and exercise but as I got older my love handles wouldn’t ever go away to my satisfaction. Cool sculpting was effective, permanent and gave me the definition I was striving for!


D. Allen

Although working out and eating healthy are both part of my everyday life, I couldn’t seem to get the six pack I was looking to achieve.  I heard on the radio an advertisement for something called CoolSculpting (something that contours the body) at Lébo and decided to call and see what it was about.  After 2 treatments I now have the six pack I’ve been wanting for years!!! Best investment I could EVER make!
Thank you Lébo!!


Matt T.

I had 2 treatments of  coolsculpting on my stomach 18 months ago.  I lost about 2 inches around my stomach area at that time and I can say that I have maintained the same result since that time.  I am very happy with my treatment and I would do it again to rid myself of that stubborn fat area in my lower stomach that seems to appear with age!


Nancy P.

After I had my three children, I was left with a “muffin top”. I could not stand the bulge that stuck out of my jeans when I sat down. When I learned about CoolSculpting, I was so excited! I couldn’t believe there was a non-surgical solution to my problem. I had the treatment done about a year ago. It was so worth it!
It took about 3 months to notice my results, but it was worth the wait. I love being able to wear my favorite jeans now and know that I have nothing hanging out of the top of it!


K. Hartley

I had the fat removal treatment done at Lébo and the results are great!  I had a baby about 6 months ago and was just not able to lose that stubborn belly fat so I decided to have the CoolSculpting done.  I feel so much better about myself now and I can fit into my jeans again!  I would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone!


Sam G.

The staff at Lébo are very courteous and respectful of my choices.  The results I obtained from CoolSculpting made me feel more confident and comfortable with myself.