What is Isolaz?

A vacuum and broadband light is used to treat acne, brown spots, redness and fine lines. It has two components:

Isolaz Pore Cleansing: During this step the provider treats the acne, oil, brown spots and/or redness. This is done by the vacuum and the broadband light.

Profusion: This is where we use the opposite vacuum without light to “push in” a product. Because the pores are so cleaned out from the deep pore cleansing component, the provider can then use Profusion to push in any product that will enhance the patient’s results. This can be an addition to almost any other service that we provide.


“My skin gets really oily during the day so I decided to go to Lébo to see what I could do about it. Hillary recommended I do a treatment called Isolaz. I decided to try it and it has worked wonders!! My skin has never looked better! Thanks Hillary!” -Beth

lebo skin care center

Before : Acne & Oily Skin

lebo skin care center

After : Acne & Oily Skin